How Exciting is This?!

How exciting is this?!!  Our new website looks amazing and we couldn’t be any happier!  Thank you Gabrielle Green for working your butt off to get our website ready for our customers’ Holiday Shopping Frenzy.

SOS Skin Nourishment Company is a “mom and pop” “brick and mortar”, business.  Our number one goal is provide our customers with Natural, Fresh products that will make YOU feel good as well as your skin.  Marisa and I began our quest for the perfect skin care line because we both suffered from dry and sensitive skin.  Plus, we realized that our creative juices flowed rapidly when we were creating soap and that it was just plain fun for us.  We began our journey by reading, researching and trying.  We made many mistakes in the beginning, but eventually formulated a bar of soap that turned our showering experience from OK to EXCEPTIONAL!  Our feedback on our soap was so positive that we began experimenting with other products and slowly expanded our product line to currently 7 products including, Cold-Processed Soap, Whipped Body Butters, Sugar Scrubs, Lip Balms, Bronzer Bars, Shaving Soaps and Insect Repellent.  All of which have been tested over time and formulated to love your skin.  (Insider Tip:  we are currently working on 2 new products, one of which is for men!)