Falling In Love…

We’ve fallen in love…..with our SHAVE BARS!  If you haven’t tried a Shave Bar, you’re “cutting” yourself short.  Our Shave Bars are glycerine based soaps.  They are specially formulated to pull moisture to the skin  while giving you amazing slip.

I was never a shaving cream user.  I didn’t care for the rusty can and quite frankly, the shave was just OK.  Ever since we created our Shave Bars I can’t stop shaving. It’s no joke.  My legs are so silky smooth after I can’t help but touch them.  Lately because of the long dry winter I’ve been following the shave with a small coating of our Sugar Scrub and it IS pure luxury.  Quite honestly, I was a once a week shaver, now, I shave almost every day.  There’s something about soft, smooth, silky legs and I can’t resist.

We also came up with a Men’s Shave Soap.  It’s the same formula as the women’s but we added some Bentonite Clay to add additional Slip and detoxifying properties.  Bentonite Clay is said to reduce inflammation and blemishes by binding together toxins and bacteria living on the surface of the skin. The rich creamy lather lifts the hairs away from the skin to get a close smooth shave.

If you haven’t tried one, this is the opportunity to do so.  We’re putting them on sale because we feel like everyone should use a Shave Bar!

Cheers to 2015!

We’re always looking to improve and tweak here at SOS and with the new year brings NEW changes that we’re super excited to announce.
imagesFirst, we would like to thank all of our customers and retailers for making our 2014 Holiday season a success!  Now that the tallies are in, we can announce that we sold over 250 lbs of soap!  We can hardly believe it, but are so honored that you chose our products to share with your family and friends.  We’ve never seen our shelves so empty and have been working diligently to restock so you never have to be without!

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed but our Soap bars have got bigger!  We upped our bar size to give you more soapy love for longer. You’re getting approximately a .5oz more in our larger 5oz bars.  Keep in mind all of our bars are hand cut, so there’s always a small variation in weight.

We’re also adding some NEW scents to our portfolio.  If you haven’t already tried Beach Walk, it’s our newest and greatest!  We haven’t found a nose that doesn’t like it.

Currently on the curing rack we have: Vanilla Woods, Moroccan Fig, Spring, Mediterranean Breeze, Patchouli, Spa Water, Chai Tea, Limoncello, and Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut

We will be posting them as the become available.

In our “secret scent closet” we have some old and some new that will be making their appearances in February! I’ll give you a hint, Beachy Chic is baaaaackkkkk! (ok, that’s more than just a hint)

We’ve also made some changes to our Soap Trays.  We are locally sourcing our Soap Trays from an amazing wood crafter right here in the Hudson Valley.  This means we’ll never have to wait for a shipment and you’ll never have to wait for a soap tray.  We now have soap trays with SOS as part of the carved design.  Soap that gets air around it, is soap that lasts.  Don’t forget to add a soap tray to your order.

Many of our customers were requesting that we bring back the Sparkle Lip Balm.  We listened and now have Lemon Sparkle available and will be “sparkling” some other flavors in the summer months.

Laimages-3st but not least, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we cooked up two soaps that you’re guaranteed to “fall in love” with!  One is Champagne and the other is Garden Rose.  Seriously, they are so pretty I can’t stop staring.  Keep your eyes peeled on our FaceBook page where we will announce their debut.  We’ve also been tossing around the idea of preorder on those since they are extremely Limited Edition.  We only made about 30 bars each!

Don’t forget, Scrubs are on SALE in January.  Winter is the perfect time to exfoliate and nourish your skin.  Don’t pass up this opportunity to try out a Scrub.  They’re so easy to use.  Wash with SOS Soap, take a scoop of scrub rub it on your skin, rinse, then towel off.  Wahalla, you’re soft, silky and nourished!  We have scrubs scents available for both Men and Women.

There’s so much going on here that it’s hard to list it all.  Enjoy those highlights and keep loving our current products as we reveal some NEW exciting ones!

Gina & Marisa

Gift Sets! Gift Sets! Gift Sets!


Are you looking for teacher gifts, hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, or just an awesome gift for anyone??

We’ve created some Gift Sets to make your holiday shopping easier.  These sets are jam packed with goodies that our customers love.  From Soap and Lip Balm to Body Butter to the full monty, “The White Out”  which includes 3 Holiday Soaps, 8oz Whipped Body Butter, Sugar Scrub, Lip Balm and Hand-carved Soap Dish.  Anyone who receives one of these gift sets will be very thankful because you’ve given them the gift of “pampering”.

We can even ship your purchase anywhere in the US.

Now, Go ahead, make your life easier, purchase your gift set today!

Happy Shopping!!

How Exciting is This?!

How exciting is this?!!  Our new website looks amazing and we couldn’t be any happier!  Thank you Gabrielle Green for working your butt off to get our website ready for our customers’ Holiday Shopping Frenzy.

SOS Skin Nourishment Company is a “mom and pop” “brick and mortar”, business.  Our number one goal is provide our customers with Natural, Fresh products that will make YOU feel good as well as your skin.  Marisa and I began our quest for the perfect skin care line because we both suffered from dry and sensitive skin.  Plus, we realized that our creative juices flowed rapidly when we were creating soap and that it was just plain fun for us.  We began our journey by reading, researching and trying.  We made many mistakes in the beginning, but eventually formulated a bar of soap that turned our showering experience from OK to EXCEPTIONAL!  Our feedback on our soap was so positive that we began experimenting with other products and slowly expanded our product line to currently 7 products including, Cold-Processed Soap, Whipped Body Butters, Sugar Scrubs, Lip Balms, Bronzer Bars, Shaving Soaps and Insect Repellent.  All of which have been tested over time and formulated to love your skin.  (Insider Tip:  we are currently working on 2 new products, one of which is for men!)